How to avoid paint damage when washing your car!

Here are some our favorite ways at stay detailed to avoid swirls and scratches in our car's paint. With many years of detailing experience, we have great knowledge of the industry and the standards some detailers follow. We have seen detailers take almost none of these steps into consideration when washing vehicles. We have seen this cause damage costing over 5,000 dollars to repair, yes $5,000. This damage could have been simply avoided if the detailers had these systems in place. Always bring your vehicle to a trained professional at stay detailed and avoid those situations all together.

Protecting your car against swirls and scratches is not something many people take into consideration when cleaning their car. The truth is, having well maintained paint can drastically increase your car's resale value. We are going to share with you a few ways to help protect your vehicle against swirls and scratches. Making sure to always take these precautions when washing your car will help avoid costly repairs to your paint down the road. At Stay Detailed all of our washes are done with strict systems in place to prevent any cross contamination and debris leading to damaged paint.

1. The best protection against swirls will be having a ceramic coating and PPF installed by a professional detailer at stay detailed. Read our article on the pros and cons of ceramic coating and PPF to find out which form of protection will be best for you.

Some basic benefits of ceramic coating is basic protection against water spotting and everyday road dirt.

2. Always avoid taking your vehicle through drive through car washes, as that is the easiest way to swirl your entire paint. It's better to leave your car dirty until you can properly wash or get your vehicle taken care of at stay detailed.

These are a few basic systems to keep in place when washing your vehicle at home to prevent introducing scratches and swirls to your paint.

3. Use a foam cannon to lubricate and remove surface debris before letting mitt touch the paint.

4. Use a 2 bucket wash system. One bucket used for dirty rinse water, the other used for clean soap water. Wring out your sponge or wash mitt after every panel to avoid picking up debris.

5. Always check all towels for dirt. Do not use towels with any embedded debris as it can drag across your entire paint and create deep scratching and swirling.

6. Do not rub or scrape into your paint . If your vehicle is not coated some contaminants may not come out with just a wash, consult a detail professional at stay detailed.

At Stay Detailed all of our washes are done with these systems to protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage. With our team of highly trained professionals, we are able to get anything your car needs done right the first time! Our strict dedication to you, our customers shows our passion for perfection.

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